Refashion Runway 1st Challenge

Refashion Runway Season 3’s 1st challenge was to combine floral and geometric shapes or stripes.

Started with this cute dress! 

  And this t-shirt! I wanted to swap the white tank top part of the dress for this black and white striped tee!
  First step was to remove the original white top of the dress…
  Pin the tee onto my dress bottom… 
 Sew and trim off the excess material… 

 Hand sew 3 floral buttons for detail… 

 Love those buttons!!! 

 And lastly sew on some black bias tape to the end of my dress to tie in the black tee to the white dress bottom!


  The husband and I spent the day at the most awesome zoo ever! The Toldeo Zoo!!! And only an hour and a half away from home!!!
  We stopped by Maumee River Brewing Co. for dinner and a beer! 


You can vote for my dress or one of the 6 other contestants on The Rengade Seamstress’ blog at:

Happy Refashioning!!!



7 thoughts on “Refashion Runway 1st Challenge

  1. I am not one for mixing prints, but this is well done and I really like !. Glad you like the Zoo, I live in Toledo and I think its one of our best attractions.

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  2. Hey there. Just stumbled onto your blog from the refashion runway. I live just outside toledo and do a fair share of refashioning. Love the look of your refashions!! Glad you enjoyed the zoo. Try the art museum here in toledo. It’s one of the best.

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