Vintage Laura Ashley Refash

A fews weeks ago I found this vintage Laura Ashely dress (made in Great Britain) at my local Salvation Army!  Love that neckline, but its a little long…Long lengh and long sleeves.

 See I didn’t make it up…its really made in Great Britain!

   1st I removed the side ties. At this point they were totally useless since the dress already fit me very well and I didn’t need a random bow at my back.
 Good bye ties!

  Sewing together the holes the from the ties.
   I really wasn’t digging these buttons that blended in so I decided to change them to something more fun!

  Awww like these cuties!
 Next I needed to shorten this dress to bring it up to date. I used my dress I refashioned for watching the Kentucky Derby as a template for the length. I actually took about 10 inches off the length.

  Pinning the new hem!
  The sleeves were a little too long for my taste so I cut off about 2 inches and sewed a new sleeve hem.

Our wedding anniversary is July 13 so the husband and I decided to celebrate today with a trip to the zoo and dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants!

   Got to see the penguins at the penguin house!!!
 The Detroit Zoo has just added a wolf exibit! Here is the alpha wolf who is a female, girl power!

  Me and my zoo swag! Zoo water bottle and stuffed artic fox!
  Happy 3 years!
  Followed by a yummy dinner at a family favorite: The Villa! The manicotti palamina and veal parmesan is amazing! I’m still full! 
Happy Refashioning!!!!


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