4th of July Throwback

Happy Birthday America!!!

The 4th of July has always been my favorite holiday! I mean who could argue with summer sun and fireworks!?! Especially when every 4th is spent with family on Harsens Island!

I actually have to give credit for this t-shirt upscale to my dad. Back in 1997 when I was just a wee thing I told my dad, “Daddy I want to make a shirt for the 4th of July.” And being the creative guy that he is, he got out my set of fabric paints and went to town. This shirt turned out better than my 9 year old brain could imagine at the time!

  I have worn this shirt every 4th of July since 1997! (Thank goodness it still fits)

  Did I mention the firworks on the back!?

  On this lovely 4th of July I ran into town on Harsens Island to pick up some more ice and beer (the essentials) and I took a quick look around the Waterfront Shop (which is pretty much just a souviner shop). I found this adorable earrings!  

  Had to have them!!!!!!!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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