Men’s Polo to Skirt

I picked up this men’s polo for 50 cents and I love this pattern! I figured the soft cotton would make a cozy skirt!

 Look! It’s just my size (eye roll)

  I cut the shirt just under the front buttons.
  I folded the top down to make a casing for some 3/4 inch elastic.
  I sewed my casing and left a 2 inch gap to thread through the elastic.
  My elastic is in and I sewed the gap closed.
I got this done the night before the husband and I went to the Lindsey Stirling concert. (Lindsey Stirling is an amazing performance violinist. Her music style ranges from classical to pop, hip-hop to electronic dance music. She’s so talented….seriously, Youtube her).


  Me and the husband 🙂
  It was such an amazing concert! Lindsey you rocked it!

Happy Refashioning!!!


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