High Waisted Old Lady Pants & Cami Refash

Readers, I must apologize but today’s refashion does not come with a before picture. Honestly, it was a last minute refash that I pulled together. But I do have inspiration pictures to share!

Awhile back I was going through Refashionista’s refashions for some inspiration. (Seriously if you have not been to refashionista.net and see what Jillian Owens can do, do it now! She is the inspiration that gave me the confience to put myself out there and refashion!) I came across this post where she took a pair of high waisted old lady slacks and wore them with such style! 

Does she not look awesome!? I loved this look so much I really couldn’t wait to make an outfit like this of my own!

I luckily found a pair of such slacks at the 50 cent sale!  

The hem was undone from the right leg so all I needed to do was sew it back together. I was also lucky enough that I didn’t need to take in the waist!

So that does it for the pants but of course I need a top to go with them! I pulled out an old black cami from my closet and wanted to add lace sleeves.

So off I went to the fabric store in search of some black lace… 

  I just about DIED when I saw this cheetah print lace! In my mind I was settling for ordinary flower pattered lace until I saw this!

I measured the length of the straps on my cami and made my lace about 4 inches wide. I cut two 13 inch by 4 inch pieces to be my sleeves.

  Pinned my sleeve fabric to my cami. I wrapped about 1/4 inch of the lace around the cami strap. Then I sewed the bottom of the front and back to my cami.
 Then I hand sewed the lace to the straps. I didn’t really trust my sewing maching to do this job. So this took a little longer but heck! I’ve got patience!
  Some finished sleeve detail.
 Please excuse the lackluster smile but this was SUPER early in the morning. I was on my way to yet another dental hygiene seminar.  
Happy Refashioning!!! 


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