Dress to Skirt Refash

I really had no vision for this dress when I picked it up for .50 cents. Was I going to keep it a dress? A shirt? Maybe a skirt? At the time I had no idea.   Wowza this is a hot mess! 

The husband and I had plans to go to the movies with some friends this weekend and you guessed it…I needed something to wear! This is when I’ve decided this dress would be best suited as a skirt!

  I began by using my seam ripper to remove the elastic from the middle of the dress.
  Then I sewed a new casing for some new elastic, and threaded it through. This dress also came with a belt which I used but made a new hole to make it fit.
Then I was ready for our movie double date!

The feature…. 


We went to a favorite theatre of mine The Redford Theatre which plays all old films! They play anything from old classics like Gone With The Wind to new classics like Titanic.



They also have an organist that plays 30 minutes before the feature, which is exctally what they did back in the 1920s!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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