Men’s Polo to Skirt

I picked up this men's polo for 50 cents and I love this pattern! I figured the soft cotton would make a cozy skirt!  Look! It's just my size (eye roll)   I cut the shirt just under the front buttons.   I folded the top down to make a casing for some 3/4 inch elastic.   I… Continue reading Men’s Polo to Skirt


High Waisted Shorts

Let's face it, you see something with Polk-A-Dots and you don't pass it up! So when I was digging through the unwanted clothes at the 50 cent sale and came across these doosies I snatched them up. But what the heck am I going to do with these ugly things? I mean come on...UGLY! I… Continue reading High Waisted Shorts

High Waisted Old Lady Pants & Cami Refash

Readers, I must apologize but today's refashion does not come with a before picture. Honestly, it was a last minute refash that I pulled together. But I do have inspiration pictures to share! Awhile back I was going through Refashionista's refashions for some inspiration. (Seriously if you have not been to and see what… Continue reading High Waisted Old Lady Pants & Cami Refash

Dress to Skirt Refash

I really had no vision for this dress when I picked it up for .50 cents. Was I going to keep it a dress? A shirt? Maybe a skirt? At the time I had no idea.   Wowza this is a hot mess!  The husband and I had plans to go to the movies with some… Continue reading Dress to Skirt Refash