Blue Bubble Dress Refash

I have to admit I actually paid full price for this vintage 1980s dress, a whopping $8! But that is a drastic increase from my usual .50cent steals!   

 The husband and I have been very busy going to dental hygiene continuing education classes lately, which means I have been in need of some new outfits to wear! Our class was on Friday and with Memorial Day on Monday I was short on refashion time. This refash only required 2 things: 1. Removal of the sleeves and 2. Shortened length. Which means I would only need a little bit of time to pull this off!   Step 1: Remove sleeves.

  Finally rid of those ugly sleeves and mini shoulder pads. Again, I never understood the point of the mini shoulder pad. One of life’s mysteries I suppose..

  After I removed the sleeves I folded over the outer material over the lining to finish the armholes.

  Sewing my arholes!

  Step 2. Shortening the length. I took about 10 inches off the bottom of the dress and folded it over to make a tiny hem.

After our dental hygiene class we stopped by the Blue Water Bridge (Goes across to Canada) for a quick picture! It was pretty wiiiindy!

  Enjoyed lunch and a beer at Junction Bouy on the St. Clair River 🙂 Yum! Took this picture just before it started to rain and we had to move tables 😦

Happy Refashioning!!!


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