Red Polk-a-Dot Dress Refash

I saw this 1990’s school teacher’s special at my local Salvation Army and immediately felt sorry for it…I’m sorry you were once the highlight of someone’s wardrobe because you are SO unflattering it’s not even funny! It said make me pretty again!

  Of course, these shoulder pads needed to go!

  And the silly side ties too!

  The casualties…

  I took off the pockets and saved them. You never know when you are going to need an already made pocket!

  Oh and I was not happy with that flower trim! It doesn’t make any sense!

  Ahh that’s better!

  After all that work removing the flower trim on the sleeves, I decided not to save the sleeves after all. So away they went!

  Bye Bye sleeves!

  I pinned the collar under and made a v-neck.

  I cut the dress in 1/2 so I could make the bottom into a skirt and attach the top later to finialize my dress. I used 1 inch elastic and made a casing with the top of my skirt and painstakingly fed the elastic through (not one of my favorite tasks).

  I wanted to mimic the large waistband in the hem so I made an almost 2 inch hemline.

   Oh hey! Haven’t I seen you somewhere? Oh yes, I removed you in the beginning! I sewed on the pockets I saved to the skirt portion of my dress!

 I sewed the skirt I made with the top portion of the dress being very careful to keep both sets of buttons in line.

I was so happy with how this dress turned out I wore it to my Aunt’s suprise 60th Birthday party!!!  Pockets! 🙂

Happy Refashioning!!! 


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