Blue Bubble Dress Refash

I have to admit I actually paid full price for this vintage 1980s dress, a whopping $8! But that is a drastic increase from my usual .50cent steals!     The husband and I have been very busy going to dental hygiene continuing education classes lately, which means I have been in need of some new outfits… Continue reading Blue Bubble Dress Refash


Red Polk-a-Dot Dress Refash

I saw this 1990's school teacher's special at my local Salvation Army and immediately felt sorry for it...I'm sorry you were once the highlight of someone's wardrobe because you are SO unflattering it's not even funny! It said make me pretty again!  Of course, these shoulder pads needed to go!  And the silly side ties… Continue reading Red Polk-a-Dot Dress Refash

Jammie Shorts Refash

Today I have for you a quick little refashion of some jammie shorts I found at the .50 cent sale!But first, coffee....Ooookay so these little dudes said they were just my size...SMALL! Well, they fit except my large backside makes the legs a little snug. Being the refashionista that I am, I had a fix… Continue reading Jammie Shorts Refash

Throwback Thursday Refash Week 5

I have sad news readers.Today ends my Throwback Thursday segment. I hope you enjoyed it!I saw this picture floating around on some DIY Clothing boards on Pinterest.Inspiration: As I started getting more confident in my sewing skills I figured this would be pretty simple to make!So I ran over to my local Salvation Army and picked… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Refash Week 5

Capris Turned Board Shorts

When I saw these floral Ralph Lauren capris at the 50 cent sale I just HAD to have them! They reminded me so much of gardening gloves I figured I'd use them for my gardening shorts!  Okay so the waist was too big and the capri length made me look even shorter than I already… Continue reading Capris Turned Board Shorts