Varsity Letter Dress

I found a very cute knit dress awhile back at my local Salvation Army that made me think of vintage cheerleader uniforms. So I got to thinking that maybe adding a little detail like a letter would be pretty neat!I found an iron on letter at the fabric store. Which is easy to put on.… Continue reading Varsity Letter Dress

A Fruity Refashion

I picked up this 2 piece number because of the fun fruit pattern!Oh I know it's a hot look for me! I brought it home and upon further inspection I noticed something pretty cool...  Exibit A: The use of pinking sheers! Someone had made this outfit!So let's refashion this refashion!Let the biggest let down of my refashions… Continue reading A Fruity Refashion

Throwback Thursday Refash Week 1

Hi there Readers!For the next few weeks I will be featuring refashions that I have done pre-blog for Throwback Thursday!I began with 3 not so exciting tank tops. What could make these more exciting? Bows, of course! I wanted to tie the straps together with some ribbon. I snipped the straps and sewed each side.… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Refash Week 1

Shirt to Skirt Refash!

Lately I've been doing a lot of running around on my days off but that doesn't mean I can't look cute doing it! Part 1: I took this awesome striped men's shirt and turned it into a skirt!  Let's get sewing!I cut the shirt just under the sleeves. Then I measured my waist and cut 3/4inch elastic… Continue reading Shirt to Skirt Refash!

An Easter Skirt Refash

Happy Easter readers!Today I settled on this festive floral skirt but the only problem was the over streched elastic...  I began by taking out the original elastic that didn't have a purpose anymore.  Then I shortened the length by 2 inches. I was a little afraid of losing the tulip style of the skirt with the new… Continue reading An Easter Skirt Refash