Throwback Thursday Refash Week 4

This week’s throwback thursday features CUPCAKES! Who doesn’t love cupcakes!?   Yep that’s the print of today’s refashion!

This would only be better if I were holding a cupcake

I couldn’t pass up this awesome cupcake shirt I saw in the little girls section at Meijer a few years ago! Just too stinkin’ cute!

As I wore this shirt a few times I thought it was cute but just kinda blah. Too much of a plain tee for me! Then I began looking for was to improve on this shirt when I found a picture on Pinterest of what I thought would be an easy refashion (I wasn’t too keen on sewing a whole lot back then).


I cut 5 slits in the back of my shirt and pinched them together and hand stitched them in place.

The result…  

Happy Refashioning!!


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