Too Small Shirt Fix

I originally bought this shirt to use just for the material because did you notice one small detail…?

Here let me zoom in….


 Yep EXTRA SMALL and it looks like it shrunk in the dryer too! I could probably squeeze into this but it would be in no way comfortable! The more I looked at this shirt the more I liked it as a shirt and not just material. So the next best thing is to add some fabric and make it fit! 

I used my seam ripper to take out both side seams. Then I cut two long rectangles of lace facric about 3 inches wide and pinned it in place.

 Then I sewed….and sewed….then I was ready to make some hot wings because my parents were coming over for dinner!!!


Side shot! And noo I’m not smelling my armpit!


Happy Refashioning!!!


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