Throwback Thursday Refash Week 2

This weeks feature is a sweatshirt upscale!

Here was my inspiration (from oh so long ago):

Pretty cute! But I personally am more of a bunny lover than elephant lover so I changed mine up a bit!

I began with probably the fuzziest sweatshirt I’ve ever owned and cut off the neckline. Then I began cutting out rectangles out of the back (about 8 total) and had them gradually get smaller towards the bottom. 

  The rectangles became very saggy over many washes in the washer. But you can tell I DO wear this A LOT. But it can get a bit breezy in the back so I always wear a tank top underneath!


Then to make my bunny I printed out a silhouette of a bunny and traced it onto some old pink and white fabric I had laying around. I even stuffed it with some quilting batting and sewed it on with some pink embroidery thread. Its like having a little stuffed bunny attached to my shirt!

Happy Refashioning!


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