Throwback Thursday Refash Week 4

This week's throwback thursday features CUPCAKES! Who doesn't love cupcakes!?   Yep that's the print of today's refashion! I couldn't pass up this awesome cupcake shirt I saw in the little girls section at Meijer a few years ago! Just too stinkin' cute!As I wore this shirt a few times I thought it was cute but just… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Refash Week 4


Too Small Shirt Fix

I originally bought this shirt to use just for the material because did you notice one small detail...?Here let me zoom in....  Yep EXTRA SMALL and it looks like it shrunk in the dryer too! I could probably squeeze into this but it would be in no way comfortable! The more I looked at this shirt… Continue reading Too Small Shirt Fix

Throwback Thursday Refash Week 3

For this week I have for you another cold weather refash! Sorry but it must be shown!I made myself an infinity scarf by sewing two rectangles of fabric that I harvested from a pair of old pajama pants. It was totally simple to do!   I saved the pocket of the jammie pants and sewed it… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Refash Week 3

Breezy Tank Refash

I am TRYING to push this Michigan weather towards summer by refashioing myself a nice breezy tank top! But it's Michigan and our weather is always wacky!  I wanted to accentuate the collar pattern at the top with a different color material. I used this beautiful blue/purple shimmery fabric that I had left over from helping… Continue reading Breezy Tank Refash

Throwback Thursday Refash Week 2

This weeks feature is a sweatshirt upscale!Here was my inspiration (from oh so long ago):Pretty cute! But I personally am more of a bunny lover than elephant lover so I changed mine up a bit!I began with probably the fuzziest sweatshirt I've ever owned and cut off the neckline. Then I began cutting out rectangles… Continue reading Throwback Thursday Refash Week 2