The Dress That May or May Not Be a Nightie

I originally bought this…umm let’s call it a dress, to refashion it into a shirt buuut I can’t seem to break away from making dresses.Nightie or dress? The jury is still out…

Whatever it is, I used my seam ripper to remove the cuffs on the sleeves but had to re-sew the lace around the edges. Then I repeated the process for the bottom, to shorten the length. I had to take the dress in about 1/2 inch at the shoulders so the neckline wouldn’t be so low. My last step was adding a larger pearl button on top of the row of buttons (a splurge at $4) 

I wore this dress to a continuing education course in Frankenmuth, which my husband and I were attending. It was perfect for this dress because it was comfortable enough to sit throuh a 6 hour lecture!

  Barvarian Inn Lodge, so traditional! Bronners, if you can’t find a Christmas ornament here…it doesn’t exist!

  Time to have some fun! Cheers!

Happy Refashioning!


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