Can’t Say No to Polka Dots

 I had found a great black and white polka-dot dress while rummaging through a local Salvation Army Store.

I couldn’t pass this up because one of my mom’s favorite prints is black and white polka-dot. Since my mom and I had tickets to see Ballroom with a Twist at the Macomb Center for Performing Arts (A favorite venue of ours) this would be a perfect dress!


First, I decided the V-neck was a nice detail but it was way too low for me. So, I made the front the back! I took about 18 inches off the length. I shortened the long sleeves into 3/4 length and added 2 small white buttons, purely for decoration purposes!

I did not leave myself enough time for taking pictures during the refashion, I was pressed for time. Sorry!

Happy Refashioning! 


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